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About Melanie Jackson

Melanie lives in the Blue Mountains with her Husband and two children and has been a midwife in private practice, and providing homebirth services, since 2009. She has a passion for providing minimal intervention care and has respect for the physiological process of pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period. Melanie loves to see the powerful process of birth unfold and watch families blossom as pregnancy and birth unfolds. Her passion for midwifery led her to complete her PhD, called "birth outside the system", in 2015, and she has held positions in midwifery research, midwifery lecturing and National Policy development at the Australian College of Midwives along side her work as a midwife. Melanie has a degree in Naturopathy and incorporates alternative therapies and nutritional guidance into her midwifery care. She also has a passion for growing, preparing and eating whole nourishing food and her alias 'wild mother goose' is the manifestation of this passion (www.wildmothergoose.com). Melanie and her family maintain a permaculture homestead in the Blue Mountains where they grow food, keep goats for milk and chickens and quails for eggs. Their worm and compost bins are overflowing with lush soil and nutrients which feeds our flourishing space. Melanie feels blessed to be able to pursue her passions and maintain practice as a private midwife, with the love and support of her husband and beautiful support network

Melanies Qualifications

B. Health Science (Naturopathy) Western Sydney University
Grad.Dip Theology Presbyterian Theological College
Masters Nursing (first grade honours) Sydney University
Grad. Dip Midwifery (with Distinction) Western Sydney University
Grad. Cert (Pharmacology) Griffith University
PhD Midwifery (Birth outside the system) -Western Sydney University (Click here to read Melanie's PhD Thesis)


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