Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To help families make a decision about if my care is suited to their needs, I offer a free 'meet and greet' session to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and explain what you are expecting for your care. There are a few very common questions I'm asked and have provided some answers below. If you have more questions, please feel welcome to call, text or email, I would love to here from you.

I would like to give birth at home, do you travel to my area?

I live in Sun Valley in the Blue Mountains (NSW) and will gladly travel around the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Western Suburbs. As a general rule I don't travel further west than the Blacktown area and prefer to keep within 45 mins of home. However, If you are wondering if I will travel to your particular location please feel free to be in touch.

I would like to give birth in hospital, can you still be my midwife?

Yes. Women choosing to give birth on hospital receive the same midwifery continuity of care than a woman choosing to give birth at home. Melanie can provide your antenatal care and help you arrange your birth care with your chosen hospital. During labour, Melanie meets you at the hospital and remains with you for support and advocacy. Following this, postnatal care can be provided at home.

I have been told I am 'high-risk', can I still hire you as my midwife?

Yes, however we may need to include other care providers in your care to help work through your particular complexities, but you will have your midwife with you the whole way through

I would like to have a water birth, can you do this?

Yes, many of my clients choose water birth and I provide a birth pool, pump and new liner so you don't need to buy one.

I have heard that two midwives are required at a home birth, do you provide a second midwife?

Yes, this is true, by law, private midwives are required to plan to have a second midwife in attendance at a home birth. I collaborate with many other midwives to ensure two midwives are present at your birth. This is not only to fulfil my legal requirement, but also, the second midwife can assist at your birth if required (e.g.: in an emergency, during a long labour/birth, if Melanie should be unavailable). A second midwife does not cost you any additional money.

How much does it cost to hire you as my midwife? and Are you eligible for a medicare rebate?

Yes, Melanie is registered as an eligible midwife, which means you will receive approximately 1/4 of your fee back from medicare. Private midwives usually charge between $5500-$7500; Melanie's fee sits in the middle of this range at $6500, which includes all of your antenatal, birth and postnatal care and the second midwife and birth pool. Payment plans can be arranged if this would be most helpful for you.

What happens if I need maternity care between visits or outside of business hours?

When you hire Melanie as your midwife you have 24/7 access to care and she is 'on call' for you throughout your care. If you have concerns between visits you are welcome to call or email and don't need to wait until your next visit. If its not an emergency, calling in day light hours is preferred, however, in an emergency or more pressing concerns, you are welcome to make contact anytime.

I still have more questions, can we meet to discuss them?

Yes, of course! I offer a free information session where we can meet one on one and discuss further questions. Alternatively, I would happily answer your questions over the phone or over email (see contact page for details)