Top left to right: Geesje, Jane, Emma, Hannah. Bottom left to right: Robyn, Melanie

As a group of midwives we LOVE to support women and their families to have empowering pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys. By sticking together, we can support each other through the challenges of maintaining private midwifery practice in an often hostile cultural environment, and keep doing what we love for the women and families of Australia who wish to hire a private midwife and/or give birth at home. Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond started in 2010 as a way of uniting midwives together to help us navigate the constant changes to the political and legal landscape of home birth in Australia.

Meet the Midwives

Melanie Jackson

0425 280 682

Geesje (Ghee-sha) Mcguire

0477 999 845

Emma Fitzpatrick

Robyn Dempsey

Jane Palmer

Hannah Dahlen