Episode 92 - Midwifery changes in Australia with Alison Weatherstone

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Alison Weatherstone (Chief Midwife) is here to discuss the new legislation that will open Australian Midwives up to even more autonomous practice including changes to professional indemnity insurance, increase in Medicare rebates, the abolishment of collaborative agreements and she gives away some information about ‘the 5000 hours’. We also discuss the proposed professional indemnity insurance product for private midwives and the 'low-risk' terminology.

Alison Weatherstone is the chief Midwife with the Australian College of midwives and prides herself on being accessible and contactable, if you have some questions, feedback, stories or issues you want to raise with her, she has a direct unfiltered line of communication directly to her [email protected]

Australian College of midwives: https://www.midwives.org.au/ 

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