Episode 95 - Midwifery without borders with Wise Woman Kristine Lauria

Kristine Lauria is an American Midwife who apprenticed with Amish Midwives and attended births for 17 years before getting a ‘formal’ midwifery qualification. This paired with her training as a paramedic formed the basis for her work as a homebirth midwife and humanitarian aid Midwife with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF/Doctors without Borders) and as a trainer with Breech without Borders. Kristine is the only Midwife I have ever heard of to attend not one but two triplet births at home. I invite you to learn from her here and through her other online resources @globalmidwife64 and read of her incredible stories from the field at her blog https://midwifewithoutboundaries.wordpress.com/


If you are interested in learning more about breech birth and gathering skills

The convergence of rebellious midwives conference happening in August 2024 in Sydney Australia welcomes Dr Stuart Fischbein who will be speaking on the physiological and complex breech. You can find tickets and info for this event here

If you are interested in the Breech without borders training Kristine refers to in this episode, you’ll find all the details here


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