Episode 4 - Finding and interpreting research

We are ALL about sharing evidence-based information. That is, information that comes out of actual research papers. This week, along with our guest Prof. Hannah Dahlen, Mel and B talk about how anyone (maternity care providers, women, families, birth workers, etc) can find good quality research without having to pay for it. We give secret hacks about getting access to research papers that might help you better negotiate your care options and we discuss how to interpret and use it once you've found it. As a bonus, Hannah breaks down the ARRIVE trial to help us understand why it is a useless research paper in the real world when deciding if induction of labour is right for you. To get access to research papers and databases mentioned in this podcast, get on the podcast mailing list at www.melaniethemidwife.com

Fact check on this episode - we mentioned that midwives and health professionals have poor access to research, we have since learnt that publicly employed staff have access to a database through the government - however it's not 'everything' like a university database. But it is more than nothing. Midwives, if you are still employed, you have access! go git it :-)